Use for a Vintage Suitcase in Home Decor.

The blue suitcase really sets off the colour of the tan one and they both look smashing on the lower shelf of this trolley. I found this “look” entirely by accident – I just needed the cases out the way and the shelf was empty. I just love the way they look as a group and I think that they are staying there for the foreseeable future!

Buy Useful Items – Be Guided by What You Love.

I love vintage and I do love some modern designs as well – Minimal Scandi style stops me going too “over the top” when it comes to displaying all of my vintage items – less really is more, especially in a high use room, such as a living room or dining room – other family members perhaps need to enjoy the space as well.
I have a weakness for keeping quite a few of the vintage items I purchase and none more so than vintage luggage – The rule of thumb is to buy what you love.
Interior design style has never really come easy to me, I’ve always had to revisit, re-tweak or abandon my initial ideal altogether, but over time I have found a use for a vintage suitcase that I love and is practical for everyday use.

Add a Small Suitcase to a Foliage Display.

This idea doesn’t have to be solely at Christmas, I had just created the display in the white vase and wanted to “lift” it a little higher on the cabinet – it looked a little lost on its own. The little brown suitcase was a perfect size! I have to stuff it with an old cushion to give the sides some rigidity, but the display sat happily all throughout the Christmas period. I had no vison for this, I just pottered and this was the result.

Use for a vintage suitcase

This little brown suitcase worked well with this Christmas display in my hallway. With Spring coming, a vintage case like this will happily display some lovely daffodils or tulips.

Use a Suitcase as a Bookshelf.

After I bought a very new and contemporary L shaped sofa, I was left with very little room behind it for a reading nook – The chair fitted in, a small nest of tables and a lamp too, but there was no room for a bookcase! I put a few books in a basket, but to give a cosy reading feel to the space, I needed more. What I did have was though was floor space behind the sofa edge and footstool. Necessity id the mother of all invention and this little vintage suitcase became an impromptu bookshelf.

Use for a vintage suitcase
Just perfect – The suitcase lifts the book up from the floor and I don’t need a full bookshelf.

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